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The Raccoon Lodge & Brewpub is the ideal place to hold your special event! Whether it's an intimate gathering at our Back Bar or a large party in our outdoor Beer Garden, we will work to make it an affair to remember.

The Back Bar

The Back Bar is a long, narrow semi-private room off the main bar in the upstairs dining room. This area can seat 18 to 20 for dinner. Because of its shape, it is better suited for sit-down affairs rather than mix and mingle gatherings. We recommend guests order off the regular menu or an abbreviated version. There is no rental fee but we do expect guests to eat and drink. The Den is also available during the week for lunch meetings from 11:30am to 3:30pm. Please call ahead to reserve.

The Beer Garden

Our beautiful outdoor Beer Garden features a covered concrete pad adjacent to a large grassy area surrounded by large trees. There are 30 picnic tables throughout. Because it is outdoors, this area is offered on "weather permitting" basis. This space does not have heaters. The Beer Garden can accommodate a buffet, appetizer platters, an abbreviated menu, or our regular menu. We require a guarantee of sales based on the size and nature of your event.

Our entire restaurant is non-smoking, and all areas are wheelchair accessible. Minors are allowed in both event areas. If you have any questions or are interested in booking an event, please call our restaurant manager, Lisa Crombie, at 503 296-0110, or email!

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